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When a lost Leonard Da Vinci painting gets purchased for just under $1200 at an auction in New Orleans, it isn't long before the painting takes the art world by storm and eventually sells for $450,000,000 - the highest price ever paid for a painting. But is everything as it appears?
In this episode, we look at the mystery behind the Salvator Mundi, and the shadowy world of freeports and money laundering. The primary source for this episode is the new Sony Pictures Classics documentary "The Lost Leonardo" in theaters now.
Pete is joined by former CIA Field Officer Doug Patteson.

   The Show

I Can Steal That is a true crime podcast dedicated to heists, cons, scams, and swindles and the fascinating people behind them!  Think of it as true crime that's never too heavy.

Comedian Pete Stegemeyer hosts each episode and tells his guests stories that range from bank heists to wine forgery and everything in between!



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Pete Stegemeyer

Executive Producer & Host

John Sullivan


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